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  • How does the photovoltaic solar energy work?

    The photovoltaic solar panels transform the light of the sun into electrical energy in direct current. Through an equipment|team called investor, we transform this electricity in alternating current mono-phase or three-phase. The exit of the investor, cold sore|raisin through some electrical protections until the meter, who will indicate us the total of electricity that volquem in|on the net. The trading company, will be that one who pays us the electricity that we sell at a price regulated during the first 25 years, of the installation, achieving a profitability of 'about 9%.

  • How much electricity produces a panel?

    There are different types of panels, but they are usually between the 185 wp and the 230 wp. A typical case is usually 215 wp, with approximately 28 Vdc and 8 Amp on WED.