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Products and services

Products and services

Solar Panels

Is the energy obtained directly from the sun, and used through the photovoltaic solar panels, for the production of electricity.

EKILOR carries out their projects in the key modality in hand, managing all milestones: the catchment of investors, the project of engineering, the process of installation, the management of subsidies in the face of the public administrations (autonomic help, *IDAE, *ICO), municipal permission, high in industry and, starting of the installation, formalizing the contract with the companies. Electrical (ENDESA., IBERDROLA. . )

  • Photovoltaic Solar Installation in single-family house|housing
  • Photovoltaic Solar Installation in industrial plant
  • Photovoltaic Solar Installation isolated by selfconsumption
  • Solar irrigated region with Fixed|Steady panels
  • Solar Irrigated Region with Solar Supporters

Solar Irrigated Region

A solar irrigated region, solar vegetable garden or solar field is a precinct or space in which small photovoltaic facilities of different holders share infrastructures and services.

The difference between solar park and solar irrigated region is in the size and in its industrial or agricultural character. A solar park is a solar headquarters and refers to an installation of great size, more industrial compound for several solar plants that require a room from control centralized and transformers of high voltage.

The solar irrigated region refers to individual facilities of small producers with the intention of producing energy to the electrical net at a small scale for selling it|her. Solar irrigated region has its|his|her|their origin in the agricultural character because pastures are carried out on irrigated regions, fields, or vinyers and because metaphorically the sun is cultivated to produce energy like another crop|growing more of the earth|land