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The biogas is educated if the bacteria degrade organic material in absence of light and air. In this process the microorganisms break down the raw materials into its|his|her|their basic ingredients - as a secondary product methane is formed.

The exploitation of biomass as semiliquid payment|subscription or corn as a raw material offers two advantages:

The produced Biogas can transform directly into usable energy with the help of total energy units. The waste constitutes a natural fertilizer of great value.

In general the beginning|principle of all the anaerobic digestions is the same one. The payment|subscription and other products biomass they are introduced in a long and hermetical *container. In an environment free of oxygen, the bacterium will produce biogas. In the majority of *containers the matter|subject will heat up to speed the process.

The produced biogas you can be used to generate heat or electricity, or both. This last option, is the most common. The electrical net can be supplied with the electricity generated by the engine of gas or can be used for the own consumption. The heat is used for the digester and the spare heat can be used, for example, for heating the building itself|himself.