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Energy Efficiency

The systems of cogeneration are systems of joint production of electricity (or mechanical energy) and of useful thermal energy (heat) following an only fuel. The natural gas is the primary energy more used for the functioning|operation of the headquarters of heat electricity cogeneration, which work with turbines or engines of gas. However, renewable sources of energy and waste as a biomass or waste that is incinerated can also be used.

In a process of cogeneration, the heat is shown|presented in the form of steam of water at high pressure or in the form of water hot|warm. For example, the hot|warm steam that comes out of a turbine of electrical energy production, to supply energy for other uses, can be used. Until little ago the usual one was to leave that the steam cooled, but with this technique, with the heat that it|he|she has left in|on the steam heats water for different uses.

The exploitation of the residual heat, the systems of cogeneration show|present global performances|yields of the order of 85%, which implies that the simultaneous exploitation of electricity and heat favors the obtaining of high indexes|rates of energetic saving, as well as an important decrease of the bill energetics, without altering the energetic productive, safe process that is increased notably if residual energies are used.