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Products and services

Small hydro

It is a form of electricity production that he|she|it comes using itself|himself|herself since centuries ago in mechanical way for mills, mainly. The force|strength of the rivers is being used since even millennia ago, and the current|up-to-date wits are capable of optimizing this natural resource which in some places it is the only system of electrical production that some people|villages possess.

It|He|She is specially useful in many countries of the Third World where the electrical net does not have great coverage, or where for a motive or for another, there are problems of electrical delivery|supply.

The application of the power is very varied, from small projects of supply I tame and rural with nominal powers of until 15 kW, or small commercial exploitation in the ranks of 10 kW at 100 kW, until projects with connection in|on nets of distribution of 50 kW at 1500 kW, and even seniors.