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Products and services

Products and services

Thermal solar one

The jets|rays of the sun fall|hit upon the solar pick-offs installed in the roof. They heat the fluid *caloportador that it|he|she circulates for the pick-offs and that is transported next in|on the solar accumulator where the heat is yielded in|on the water sanitary and in an optional way in|on the water of the heating.

The integration into an existing installation with central generation of sanitary hot|warm water can be carried out in any moment without any problem, that is, is applicable to|in existing house|housing as well as for reform or new construction.

Warming of sanitary water and support to the heating

A thermal solar installation for the warming of the sanitary water covers out of the period of heating the consumption of complete heat of its|his|her|their home. Normally its|his|her|their heating does not have to start in this time|weather, which prolongs the useful life of the boiler. For a home|house of four persons only it|he|she needs two pick-offs and a deposit of 300 liters for the warming of the sanitary water.