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Products and services

Radiant ground

The radiant Ground is one of the most effective, cost-effective|profitable and comfortable heating that there is in the market.

A fluid *caloportador, under the level of ground, consists to place an emitter of heat, or electrical or through a conduit|pipe for which it|he|she circulates so that it|he|she will radiate this heat towards the area|surface, one achieving senior sensation of comfort on to generate the heat in form distributed and uniform, instead of being concentrated in an only point, how it|he|she is the radiator.

Really, the emitter could|might be for any another from the ornaments of the premises in *calefactar (walls or ceiling), but how the hot|warm air rises, the most logical is to use the ground. It can apply practically to any environment: Houses|Housings, offices, industrial plants, schools, zones of animals breeding|calf, etc, greenhouses...