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Products and services

Energy efficiency

Energetic efficiency is the relation|relationship among the amount of consumed energy and the products and obtained final services. It can be optimized through the implementation of several measures and inversions|investments at technological level, of formality|management and of cultural habits in the community.

For contributing to the improvement of the energetic efficiency, they will have to consider themselves a series of factors directly implied:

  • The climatic conditions of the region.
  • The local particularities of the zone.
  • In the case of greenhouses, the climatic needs in of inland|inside of second crops|growing, varieties, period of the year and physiological state of the floors|plants.
  • The cost - efficiency relation|relationship of the investments in the equipment|teams of climatic control.

The basic aspects|looks that are fallen|hit and that are considered more important for contributing to the saving and energetic efficiency, are the following ones:

  • Insulation|Isolation and suitable estanqueïtat.
  • Correct regulation of the equipment|teams of air conditioning.
  • Efficient Lighting.
  • Revision and maintenance of the equipment|teams.
  • Application of renewable energies for the *generacíon of heat.

We, the persons and the organizations that are direct consumers of the energy, wish to spare energy for reducing our energetic costs and to promote the economic|economical, political and environmental sostenibilitat. The industrial and commercial users need to increase its|his|her|their efficiency and to maximize like this its|his|her|their benefit|profit. Among the current|up-to-date worries the saving of energy and the environmental effect is of the generation of electrical energy.